Can You Really Make Your Own Beats

This program makes it super easy to start making your own beats using a library of 1000's of awesome sounds, riffs & rythms. Then easily convert them into MP3's!

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Can You Really Make Your Own Beats

There are a number of things to be aware of when making beats. Just remember that you can get started without having a lot of money to spend. It used to be that making music beats meant spending at least $1,000 to buy software, but those times have passed. Not everyone has control of unlimited funds, so thankfully now there is the oppurtunity to buy a beat maker for rap and hip-hop beats for less than $30 that will allow you to make your own beats.

The most significant factor is that you can easily download the software and will be able to make beats immediately after the purchase. Even the lowest priced software beat maker should have a 16-track sequencer. So although they are now very affordable, that doesn't mean that you are not getting a great product. This is fully-featured music software, and you can produce some amazing sounds with a little perseverence. Properties like these need to be emphasised because 8-track beat makers will leave you feeling a little limited. And there just isn't any need any more, because the technology has moved on. When making your own beats, you must remember to have a firm control of your BPMs (beats per minute) and guage what is required on a track by track basis.

Nowadays it usually comes as standard on the majority of music beat makers available. And means you can create beats for any genre of music imaginable from rap to hip-hop and more. It is critical to make sure the stand-alone interface has an efficient way to export to a mp3 when using a hip-hop or rap beat maker. As this is the means by which you can get others to listen to your beats and judge them. It is useless ot be able to create banging hip-hop beats if you can't show them off and share them, or share them on your social networking page. And you will will see that being able to produce and export a track as an MP3 is now a pretty standard feature on most software designed to help you make your own beats. Nowadays it does not take a lot of time, energy, or money to convert a song to mp3 format. So you can be listening to it on your MP3 player very soon after having finished creating it.

It is also useful to have built in functions such as piano-set to help you to interact with the sound of other instruments. Plus, you also really want a huge database of sounds so that you have something that you can riff off when you are creating. Beat making programs have moved on then! And they now need not be simple percussion makers, but rather whole music creation software suites. In other words, they have grander ambitions. Choose a beat maker that offers guitar parts, piano sounds, deep bass lines, and other functionality such as envelope filtering (and no...that's not a type of stationary! :-)) because you will end up wanting to make use of it.

This is where the importance of having a multi-sequencer comes in, because you then won't have to flit between audio software once you have created a great drum beat and want to add in the other musicality. What was illustrated above explains the importance of a hip-hop beat maker that gives you great ease of use. If you have just began, you might want to avoid purchasing more plug-ins and other music software gadgets. The less expensive hip-hop and rap beat makers can fully accomplish what professionals in the industry want from their multi-track sequencers,

Less is more in some cases, especially for beginners who want to try to write original beats. So don't tie yourself up in knots with add-ons that you don't really need. Get the basic software mastered first, and once you really know how to make your own beats, then you can think about getting some new toys. You can always move on to some of the more expensive softwares like Pro-Tools later. But this should not be on your mind just yet. A program like Sonic Producer Pro would be better suited to your early beat making development.

Bear in mind, that making beats doesn't have to be hard work. Its cheap and its easy, so theres no reason not to give it a try. You simply have to get the basics handled and everything will come up smelling of roses. To re-emphasise those basics as far as beat making software is concerned you want a minimum of a 16 track sequencer, an easy way to export to MP3. control over the beats per minute (BPM), and it would also be useful if it were possible to hookup additional audio equipment like guitars and keyboards down the track when you had gained more experience. A program like Sonic Pro can do all that for under $40. So you should be able to get yourself sorted out very quickly, and be making your own beats before you know it.

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