Four Killer Tips To Choosing The Right Beat Maker Software

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Four Killer Tips To Choosing The Right Beat Maker Software

If you are in the market for beat maker software then there are some very critical decsions that you will have to make. In this article I am going to expand on those decision, and discuss somt of the factors that you must bear in mind prior to purchasing any beat maker software.

1/ How User-Friendly Is The Interface?

This is a critical point. Many people when choosing beat maker software think that the only thing they have to bear in mind are the functions of the software. In other words what it is capable of doing. Now clearly, that is an important consideration. There is no point in buying an egg whisk that cannot whisk eggs :-) And similarly there is no point in buying beat maker software that cannot produce great music. But the fact remains that no matter how proficient a particular piece of software may be, that if it is not easy to use you simply won't end up using it. So read up on forums about how others are finding it. And pay particular attention to new users. Are they struggling? Or they are commenting about how easy the whole process has been? Take note. Because in a little while you could well be sitting in their shoes.  This then raises the next important consideration to bear in mind. Namely that of available training.

2/ What Are The Training Materials Like For The Software?

If a piece of software is fantastic, but has no decent training to get you up to speed in its use, then in reality you may as well not have bothered. You cannot use something that you do not understand. And that equally goes for making music as much as for any other software. You see, with music making software there are actually quite a lot of nuances involved to take into account. On top of the technicalities of the software itself, there is also the not so small matter of music theory and application strategies to take into account. In other words the sound of the beats you make, and how to go about making them sound great. So you should really be looking for a comprehensive online manual as the very minimum requirement. But ideally you are looking for the triple whammy of a great manual, video tutorials and a really active user forum, so that if you do run into early problems you have somewhere to go to quickly ask for help. If the software is also well supported by its developers, and you can email them with any questions. Then that is also ideal. This then brings me on to the next item you would ideally want. Namely that of a test drive.

3/ Can You Test Drive The Software Prior To Buying? Or At The Least Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

So, you have done your due diligence on the different types of beat making software that you have been looking at. You have looked around on the companies websites and had a look at the screenshots of the products to compare how easy the interface looks. You have had a look at the training section of the companies website, and at the user forum, and decided that they do have an active community of users, and that this is potentially the piece of software you have been looking for. Whats next? Well, what is next is to to see if you can take the software for a test drive! Its a bit like buying a new car. It may all dsound great on paper. But, in reality until you actually take the car for a spin around the block, you don't really have a clue how it handles, or whether it drives well in your hands, or even whether there will end up being things about the interior of the car that drive you mad.  It all depends. The same is true of software. You need to get your hands on the steering wheel to see how it drives. You will find that many beat making softwares that are available will come with free trials. And that is ideal. You can then use it and decide on the real value for yourself, without anyone else making up your mind for you. But if that isn't available (and it isn't always) then at the very least you should make sure that the company selling the software offers a money back guarantee. So that if the software doesn't suit you, or you don't like it, that you can get your money back and start your search again. Which brings me onto one additional really important factor to consider.

4/ No On-Going Fees

Some software charges you by the month. As though it were a kind of membership program. That has its difficulties, because you are never really buying the software. You are actually renting it. And when you stop paying rent on a house, then we all know that it doesn't take long for the landlord to come knocking to turf you out!  So you want to make sure about on-going fees in terms of two factors. Firstly, that there are no on-going charges to use the software itself. And secondly that there are no royalties associated with using any of the pre-built beats in your own music. Otherwise, if you actually have some success at producing beats, and try to sell them on iTunes or even to a record company (very old skool!) Then it could end up being a costly business!

In conclusion, there are many different ways to approach getting the right beat maker software. Some of them technical and some of them practical. I have talked about how you should make sure that any software you use has a great interface that is easy to use, and that makes producing beats a joy and not a chore. How you need to check that the software comes with good training materials that will assisit you in getting up to speed with the software quickly. And that if possible you want to look for a software that has an active community, and a developer that cares about properly supporting their product. And that once those two have been satisfactorily navigated, that you should still be looking to test drive the software to make sure that it meets your individual requirements, and that lastly, you should be sure to check the small print that you don't have to pay any on-going fees to use the beats in your own tunes.  Hopefully that has given you some food for thought, and will help you to choose the beat maker software that is right for you.


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